American-Made Stocking Stuffers

American-Made Stocking Stuffers

1. Flying Fox Kay Pouch 

Your big bulky wallet has never looked so unattractive. 

 Flying Fox leather pouch

2. P.F. Candle 

Some of our favorite, woodsy scents, in beautifully minimal glass that we love to repurpose into succulent planters or pen holders.  

P.F. Candles

3. Flying Fox Suede and Leather Chokers 

 So cute layered up with your favorite charm necklaces.

American Made Stocking Stuffers

4. Bern Ceramics Catch All Tray 

Now available with exclusive, foxy phrases in our showroom.

American Made Stocking Stuffers 

5. Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

One of our favorite, rosy lip balms. Truly natural, truly divine.


American Made Stocking Stuffers

6. Mast Brothers Chocolate 

Because who doesn't want to open their stocking to find delicious chocolate in beautiful packaging. 

American Made Stocking Stuffers

7. Folklore Gris Gris Mug

Support this hip, Lafayette business, whose mission is to create quality art from locally sourced materials. 

8. Dogeared Magnificent Things Necklace 

Remind your loved one daily that they are capable of magnificent things with this starburst necklace. 

American Made Stocking Stuffers

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